Playa del Carmen Wedding Venues, your next step!

He has finally proposed and “yes!” You said. So you are going to get married. Isn’t that great? Well, that was probably a hard journey but perhaps not the most difficult part when it comes to planning for a wedding. When a lot is at stake, like when you want to make it an unforgettable experience, wedding planning process becomes a daunting challenge. It is further more challenging because there are a lot of choices to make which all appear to be the same. But anyway, who cares about the choices? After all, you are going to have a wedding, and everyone will be happy about it. The most crucial part of it all is the venue. It determines how the entire wedding ceremony will go on like. A carefully chosen venue makes the whole experience memorable. I am not an expert in wedding venues because there are a million and one on the planet. But I know some things when it comes to the super exciting wedding destination – Playa del Carmen.


Things to keep in mind before choosing a wedding venue

In Playa del Carmen there are literally a thousand of places you could have your wedding at. With these in place there comes the daunting challenge of not knowing which venue to pick. Well, below are some tips to help you decide on the perfect place for your dream wedding.

  • Consider your budget. How much are you willing to spend on the wedding? It is pretty obvious that people have budget estimates for their wedding. Be sure to choose a venue depending on how much you have for the wedding. Different venues charge varying amounts. This minimizes chances of overspending.
  • What is the total number of guests coming to the wedding? Pretty simple. Go for bigger venues if your wedding is to have many guests. The general feel is to make your guests as comfortable as possible.
  • The type of services and amenities you require. This is determined by the type of people coming for the wedding. By type I mean are they old, young or both? Some amenities are not suitable for the old, for instance having the wedding in a place where guests need to go up some stairs.
  • The distance the guests can travel. Take into consideration what the guests say about how far they can travel for the wedding. If they are comfortable with your suggestions, then go ahead and have the wedding at that venue.
  • Consider your own personal tastes. In as much as considering the guest is a good idea, you shouldn’t, however, forget that at the end of the day it is your wedding. Go for a venue that you like the most. In Playa del Carmen you literally can’t miss a place which is exactly what you wanted it to be like.
  • What else can the guests do in their stay at Playa Del Carmen? You should not be thinking of having the wedding in a day and then going back in the evening. Most of the time people stay around for a week or so. Thus, when planning for a venue put in mind other related activities the guest might engage in, as well as how far they are located.

Varieties of wedding venues in Playa del Carmen

We have seen that there are many places in Playa del Carmen, haven’t we? So before you embark on the hunt for a suitable one for you, it is of great importance to have a gist of the available platforms in this coastal strip. They include:

  • Traditional kind of resorts. These are the most common venues here. And, of course, they are the most popular. They offer great wedding experience including free beach wedding.
  • Private indoor venues. If you do not want your wedding in the open, you can still go for indoor venues. There are also available packages for beach weddings followed by parties in an indoor restaurant.

There are many options here to go for. You can even opt for a wedding on the boat, or even a sandy place offshore can be a great deal. Whatever the idea of the venue you have, it is actually available in Playa del Carmen.

Booking a wedding venue in Playa del Carmen

Most people never like visiting the place before their big day. So they end up opting for online booking methods. Whether you are there physically for booking, or you’re doing it online, the process is still the same. However, below are some tips to put into consideration when booking for a venue:

Flexibility of the venue. Is the place fixed or can you be able to customize everything to suit your needs? This is important if you would like to make a few adjustments here and there.

  • Is the venue really worth your money? Before booking consider the services offered. Are you getting what you expected? It is important to know what you will be receiving for your money.
  • Check on their pricing methods. Are they charging per head or is it per venue at large? This is necessary because different methods may add up to varying amounts of money spent on the event.
  • Consider their catering structure. You can enquire if you can outsource your own suppliers so that you can be sure only to pay for the venue. Also, check if your suppliers can utilize the venue’s facilities.
  • Will the reception be conducted in the same place as the ceremony itself?

Then what?

Once you are satisfied with the services of a certain venue, then the next thing is to simply book it. Follow the structure they provide for payment. You might be needed to pay some amount of deposit and the rest to be paid on the day for the wedding. Take note of their cancellation procedures just to be sure that you won’t lose everything should the plan go south. Needless to say, make a reservation, invite your friends and wait for your big day. This will be certainly your dream wedding, as long as it is in Playa del Carmen.


Don’t just be satisfied with the services of the first venue you come across. Every place in Playa del Carmen is incredible. However, you can’t possibly know the fantastic deals offered here unless you do rounds in some them and then deciding amongst them.

But for all it’s worth, your experience in Playa del Carmen will be an exciting one. This place is a paradise indeed. Congratulations in advance – oh and do not forget to crown the whole experience with amazing photographs. Keeping memories of it all is important. Don’t even look any far, I’m here for that. Check my portfolio here.

I hope to have the honor and pleasure to document your big day!

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