Take a look to this 5 ideas for your Playa del Carmen Wedding:

While many couples choose to get married indoors, others prefer the idea of a beach wedding. Whether it is held during the summertime in a couple’s hometown, or at a tropical location perfect for a destination wedding, getting married on the beach gives couples an opportunity to make their big day that much more exciting.

1. Color as a theme for your beach wedding

There are many beaches that can be turned into amazing wedding venues. A wedding calls for a fun in the sun type of theme. This could include a Cancun wedding or a Playa del Carmen wedding. For a more laid back experience many couples simply choose a summer time color associated with the beach and ensure that every aspect of their wedding involves the color they have chosen. A popular choice is white because it is a light color that is easy to use and can make any wedding pop. Also, soft colors are very beautiful for a romantic beach wedding.

2. Identify bride and groom friends

A party theme that is a little bit unusual is often the best choice and can lead to the best dress beach weddings. Couples can have a lot of fun and express their creativity through their chosen theme. One idea is to pit the bride and her maids against the groom and his attendants and have them designated as team bride and team groom. This adds another level of entertainment to a beach wedding.


3. Include local costums

Depending on where a couple’s beach wedding is taking place, it is often helpful to incorporate aspects of the local culture into the ceremony and reception. For example, at a Playa del Carmen wedding Spanish traditions, music and food can be an important part of the celebration. This can also apply to entertainment acts meant to amuse a couple’s wedding guests after vows have been exchanged. A mariachi band would be the perfect entertainment for a Mexican themed wedding. The local culture can even be reflected in the way the bride and groom dress for their big day, as beach weddings often call for less formal dress than other weddings might.

mariachis at reception

4. Provide favors to the guest

Beach wedding ideas that guests will appreciate include appropriate favors. This includes items such as flip flops, fashionable umbrellas to help block out the sun and even hand fans or a cooling fan that sprays small drops of water on guests. Keeping cool during a beach wedding is important and providing fun items such as squirt guns can allow couples and their guests to feel like children again as they enjoy frolicking on the beach together.

playa del carmen guests favors wedding flats

5. Incorporate sparklers, firework, bubbles or balloons

Since beach weddings are outdoors anyway they provide a couple’s guests with the perfect opportunity to send them off in style. When the festivities are beginning to wind down, guests can gather with sparklers and use them to wish the couple well as they are whisked off to their new married life or, for a different ceremony final, you can ask your guest to blow bubbles. Other options for ending a beach wedding on a high note include releasing balloons or sky lanterns and watching them float away.

fireworks wedding reception


These are just some of the amazing ideas that can be incorporated into a beach wedding.