Here are the 6 must haves for your Wedding on the Beach:

Preparing for your big day requires you to have certain items on hand. These items will allow you to be more comfortable on your big day.

Pair of flat sandals

The number one must have for your beach wedding is a pair of flat sandals. The shoes will help you walk more gracefully and will keep your feet cushioned when walking on the beach. Most women choose to wear white shoes for their wedding, but tan or off-white is also acceptable choices for best dress beach weddings.


Second Wedding Dress

Since your beach wedding will find you soaking up the sun, it is preferable to have a second wedding dress to change into for the festivities on the beach. The groom should also have an alternate outfit that will keep them cool throughout the day. A Hawaiian shirt and baggy pants will give your groom the freedom to move around comfortably.


It is important that sunscreen is a part of your list of must have items. Sunscreen should be carefully used in the days leading up to your wedding as no one wants to experience sunburned skin on their wedding day. Sunglasses and even oversized hats are also an effective yet stylish way to ensure that you are safe while exposing yourself to the sun.

A Back Up Plan

While beach weddings can be an amazing choice for a ceremony you will want to have a backup plan in the event that there is inclement weather on your wedding day. Many amazing wedding venues also have an indoor area where the action can be moved to if necessary. Prior to your wedding ask your chosen venue what they can do for you if weather becomes a problem. With the venue’s cooperation your wedding day celebration can easily be moved indoors. You will find that nothing is more crucial to a successful day than wedding day timing.


An amazing DJ

Acquiring a fun and talented DJ to spin music at your wedding reception is one of the keys to making it as interactive as possible. The best DJs can get your guests on the dance floor no matter how nervous the idea makes them.


Special end for that special day

Ending your beach wedding day on a high note can be as simple as organizing a send -off line and ensuring everyone has sparklers, bubbles or other similar items that will beautifully mark the end of your special day.